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Age: 30 | Years Climbing: 17 | Day Job: Chiropractor

What are your climbing goals for the next year?

In the last few years I've incurred a few major injuries and had to shift my focus onto my business. This coming year I would like to be able to regain some strength and apply more direct focus to my climbing. It would be great to send a double digit boulder and put down some existing projects efficiently.

How would you describe your climbing style?

I'd call myself a power nugget. I am small and burly, I can do power moves, but not 20 in a row.

What is your favorite exercise? What is your most dreaded workout?

I L O V E deadlifts!! Squats are the enemy.

Where have you seen the most progress since you started training?

If I had to pinpoint one thing it would be holding lock offs on steep terrain. Overall I find since working with Gal I have been able to train while also being able to climb recreationally. While having time and energy to do both, I can pull through moves that were at one time a struggle and now are getting easier and easier.

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Favorite crag snack?

Trader Joe's savory plantain chips.

What has life with Coach G been like?

Working with Galina has been great! It is hard to find a qualified coach who understands how to balance what an athlete needs and wants, along with their lifestyle. I appreciate that Galina can help me grow as a climber while adjusting my training as needed.

Summer shredding or winter bulking?

#lexibulks all the time

Would you recommend Parfenov Training to a friend?

Without a doubt.

What is your dream climb?

Happiness is a 110 Degree Wall at Millbrook in the Gunks

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online climbing coach
online climbing coach
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