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Age: 53 | Years Climbing: 23 | Day Job: Psychologist

What are your climbing goals for next year?

Repoint some "stale" projects at the New including Ly'n and Stealin', Thunderstuck, Depth Charge, and Kaos as well as aiming at some loftier goals like Puppy Chow and Lactic Acid Bath.

How would you describe your climbing style?

Powerful and dynamic mostly.

What is your favorite exercise? What is your most dreaded workout?

My fav is any of the heavy lifts that I been stupidly avoiding for 20 years. Least fav are TTB and any core exercises on the ground.

Where have you seen the most progress since you started training?

Overall strength and fitness for sure. More specifically finger strength, hard pulls especially on pinches and small holds and cross body tension on long moves.

Favorite crag snack?

Beyond Meat Jerky, Twix, and diet Red Bull.

Favorite hype song?

Devil's Plaything by Danzig

online climbing coach
online climbing coach

Do you have a pre-send ritual?

Does being nervous and jittery count? Otherwise, no. Although when I first started leading I used to recite the "Fear is the Mind Killer" poem from Dune.

If you could go on a climbing trip anywhere, where would it be?


What is your dream climb?

Apollo Reed at the New

If you were trapped on an island with just one piece of training equipment, what would it be?

A wooden hangboard and case of good scotch...

What is one thing you have changed your mind about since starting training?

The importance of hang boarding and lifting.

Would you recommend Parfenov Training to a friend?

I would and I have!

What has life with Coach G been like? 

Horrible... just kidding! The decision to take on a coach is one of the best I've made over 20+ years of climbing and she is awesome!

online climbing coach
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