Age: 28 | Years Climbing: 3

online climbing coaching

What are your climbing goals for 2020?

Climb a V7 outdoors

Where have you seen the most progress since you started training?
Training has been so valuable. I’m more mindful of how my mindset, nutrition, and environment affect my climbing performance. Galina encourages me when I’m feeling doubtful but also gives me that push I need to send. 

Favorite crag snack?
I make my own energy bars with dates, nuts, seeds, and chocolate. 

How are you staying sane this quarantine?
I’ve been cooking a lot of new recipes, practicing watercoloring, and doing more mobility routines. I was able to do my first handstand and Galina’s advice and feedback helped me hold it for longer. 

If you could go on a climbing trip anywhere, where would it be?
Bouldering in Squamish or sport climbing in Greece.

Would you recommend Parfenov Training to a friend?

What is your dream climb?
My life goal is to climb a V10 outdoors and then I’ll start trad climbing :P

If you were trapped on an island with just one piece of training equipment, what would it be?
Galina encouraged me to build my own parallette bars during quarantine and they have been a game-changer for my training.