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Age 27 | Years Climbing 20 | Day Job Grad Student

online climbing coaching
online climbing coaching
online climbing coaching
online climbing coaching

What are your climbing goals for next year?

Touch my projects with my friends spotting me without risking transmitting contagious diseases.  Jokes aside, I want to project more 5.13s and V8-9s and feel like I am trying my hardest at my full potential.   


How would you describe your climbing style?

Technical, goofy, and lazy.  I do crazy things with my footwork to avoid using brute strength. I can rest on bad holds. I am great at lock offs and horrible at dynamic movements.  

What is your favorite exercise? What is your most dreaded workout?

I loveeee abs or pull ups.  I would rather eat chalk than do push ups. 


Where have you seen the most progress since you started training?

I think my baseline strength has really improved.

Favorite crag snack?

Peanut Butter.  Usually there is a vessel for the peanut butter, like apples, bananas, or tortillas, but they aren’t necessary. 


Favorite hype song?

Where You Are from the Moana soundtrack. 


Do you have a pre-send ritual?

No, but I have a post send dance. 


How are staying sane this quarantine?

Dance parties in my backyard and finding creative ways to hang out with friends without needing to share physical space. My roommate and I have a great massage exchange system going. 


If you could go on a climbing trip anywhere, where would it be?

How cool would it be to climb on Mars?  So many FA’s waiting and gravity just isn’t as big of a limitation there, so you could make some crazy dynamic moves (gotta work on weaknesses somehow).  Earthbound I’d settle for Patagonia as a dream trip 


What is one thing you have changed your mind about since starting training?

Weightlifting might not actually be a pile of back injuries waiting to happen. And I don’t need to feel utterly decimated or even that sore to see improvements in my climbing.


Would you recommend Parfenov Training to a friend?

Of course

What is your favorite article of GP Apparel?

Peach shorts. Or the GP tank that I wore WAY too often and is now covered with holes.


What is your dream climb?

Ooooooof, there can’t just be one of them, right?  I really want to climb El Cap. 

If you were trapped on an island with just one piece of training equipment, what would it be?

If the island had trees, then I’d want a portable hang board. If the island did not have trees, then I’d want bands. 

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